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Joomla 1.5 Joomla Plugin

The plugin that displays Google Ads in your Joomla site articles. Currently, AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage. In this plugin you can specify up to three AdSense unit codes with their own parameters. The plugin can also be used with the ads code of other advertising networks or with any other kind of html code.


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· AdSense unit code - Specify AdSense unit code.

· Categories - Show in one Category or many Categories.

· IDs of excluded articles - Add the article ID you want to exclude. Use semicolon (;) to separate each article ID.

· Ads positions - Position of Ads in an article. Select one or more positions from the list. Options: 'none', 'placeholder ', 'before the content', 'top of the content', 'bottom of the content', 'after the content'.

· Ads align - The alignment of ads in an article. Options: 'left', 'right', 'center', 'none'.

· Frontpage articles - Show or hide Ads in Frontpage articles.

· Section view - Show or hide Ads in Section view Layout.

· Category view - Show or hide Ads in Category view Layout.

· Guest only - Show Ads to guests only.

· Blocked IP address list - Add the IP address you want to block. Use semicolon (;) to separate each IP address.

· Alternate Content - Specify alternate content for blocked IP addresses.


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